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Crazy Trips

Within the movie, “Up up,” George Clooney’s character Ryan Bingham was the greatest example of an efficient traveler. With flight delays, baggage fees and lost luggage becoming more common, so what can traveling executives study on Bingham and real-life frequent flyers? Listed below are five expert travel guidelines to help you fly more efficiently and reduce stress when on the highway.

Crazy Trips

Know the facts about your destination. The initial step to upping your flying efficiency is to know the details of where you’re heading and what you’ll be doing. May be the trip for work, pleasure or both? What is going to the weather be on your stay? How many meetings and formal and informal events are you gonna be attending? This information will inform what you ought to bring and how you pack.

Commit to carry-on only. With lost bags on the rise and airline luggage fees averaging $25 or more, this is the time to say goodbye to checking bags and embrace the carry-on culture. Before you begin panicking about what you cannot bring, understand that, should you pack correctly, you will end up pleasantly surprised by how much you are able to squeeze into a 22″ spinner carry-on. As soon as you experience the liberating feeling that comes with avoiding the checked-bag carousel, you will find carry-on fun and rewarding, too.


Roll, don’t fold. This well-versed packing technique has been utilized by flight attendants for years. Rolling – not folding – the garments within your luggage not enables you to pack more in less space, it does wonders to avoid wrinkles, too.

Know what to expect at security. How often have you heard a Transportation Security Administration representative repeat this mantra while you worked the right path through the security check-in line? Still, some people endure the line as they fumble for their boarding pass and ID. You shouldn’t be that guy-know what to expect when you move through security. Have your boarding pass and ID out and ready. At the x-ray machine, remove your shoes, belt, coat, jewelry, phone, PDA and loose change and put them in a plastic bin to be scanned. Laptops should be taken from their bag as well as positioned on the conveyor belt to be scanned. All liquids, gels and aerosols, with some exceptions for example medicines, baby formula and breast milk, has to be in 3.4 ounce (100ml) or smaller containers and placed in single, quart-size, zip-top, clear plastic bags. Finally, keep the boarding pass and ID handy until you’re through security. Once you’re on the gate, you will simply need your boarding pass to board the plane.


Be on time, and become nice. This may seem obvious, but it is true-when you’re well prepared for your trip as well as on time, your vacation should go much easier and stay a lot less stressful. Use your boarding pass ahead of time if at all possible. Some airlines for example Delta now text an electric boarding pass in your cell phone. Attend the airport on the web to check in a minumum of one hour before your boarding time. Also, be kind for the ticketing agents, flight attendants and other airline personnel. It’s their job to make your trip as pleasurable as you can. They’re being employed as quickly as you possibly can, so cut them some slack if things get hectic. Remember they need to handle people and deadlines the whole day. Please and thank you goes quite a distance inside the airport as well as on the plane.